Time to make the jump

It's been a while since I've posted here.


Let's talk about development, business, and life. I've been a developer for a little over 8 years, 4 years getting paid for my services. Today I decided to make the jump into freelance work. What does that mean for me? I'm not sure. I began the application process at Toptal, attempting to get in the node.js group / web group . Hopefully this will be the door I use to start my own business, or launch my own product. Why did I decide to be a freelancer? Well, a couple of reasons.

Be your own boss

I've had no problems with my bosses at any of my places, in fact, most of them were pretty dope. They would fight for me when they thought I deserved it, they would hang out with my team, and they were overall good people; this is not a jab against any of my bosses. But, I do like the freedom it provides. There's a lot of moving cogs in a full sized business. Going freelance cuts out the middle man, and makes you the only cog. You have your own interests in mind. Granted, there are both pros and cons (neither of which I will go over in this post :/) of being your own boss, but in my opinion the positive removal of overhead is a bonus.


Over the last couple of years, I've been going to school trying to finish up my Computer Science degree (shout out to the University of Utah). Each job i've had was super flexible with my schedule, which was really nice. But, there's always room for improvement. Being a freelancer, I make my own schedule.* I work my own hours. I can finally get the good classes during the day.

*Excluding client meetings and what not's

Better income

Let's face it, making 80k a year is really nice. But you know whats better than that? Making more than 80k a year. Being a freelancer, you can earn as much as you can handle. Current estimates are about 100-200k a year (depending on the type of work and how quick you are). There's not much more else to say about this section. More money rocks!

Extreme networking

I'm not talking about surfing the web TO THE XTREME! I'm talking about connections. Actual People! You've got to want to be successful. That means, you have to shake some hands and kiss some babies. The result of business networking is indispensable. Success is part: luck, skill, and just knowing the right people. Go get those connections!

No dress code

You can code without pants on.

Overall, there's a lot of pros and cons with switching to freelance work. However, I feel the pros far outway the cons; for my situation. Hopefully this post pursuaded someone to make the jump. If I have, head on over to Toptal and become part of the 3%.

Written on October 10, 2015
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