• Ava


    Ava is a bot program that I made while working at TECHeGO. When you chat ava, she replies with sweet nothings and or funny phrases. Clients enjoyed playing with the responds and command that she could do.

    She was made using Node.js with ECMAScript 6 (Harmony). Deployed on a DigitalOcean droplet using Dokku. Powered by Podio.



    I was in charge of a small development team that would build enterprise level portals and reporting tools for large corporations. I designed and implemented a whole stack of technologies.

    We used Laravel (PHP) and Node.js (javascript) for the backend with React JS and AngularJS for the front end. Most servers were ran on several clusters of DigitalOcean droplets using Dokku.

  • Instructure, Inc

    Instructure, Inc

    I worked on the communications team contributing to the main Canvas product. Implementing a lot of accessibility features as well as upgrading Google Drive support.

    The backend was mostly Ruby based. I was part of this company during the complete React JS overhaul. We took all the front end components and transformed them into react.

  • Canyons School District

    Canyons School District

    Worked on several applications for use inside & outside the Canyons School District. These programs and applications where utilized by teachers, parents, students, principals, and other administrative figures.

    Most programs were written in either ColdFusion or C#. We dealt with Windows Active Directory for most of our applications.

  • Ricky the Butler

    Ricky the Butler

    Ricky the Butler is a current Work In Progress. As of right now, he works on Windows and Linux (Mac too? Maybe). The purpose of ricky is to be a middle man between the real world and your device. He takes in HTTP requests and runs commands associated with that specific url.
    Current plans to upgrade him goes as followed:

    • New UI (only rewritten it 5 times)
    • Support inline Javascript
    • Bundle with Prebuild commands
    • Better routing support
    • Pass variables in the route

    Ricky is currently written in Node.js utilizing nw.js (node-webkit) for the front end. Plans to upgrade it with a MongoDB backend have been discussed.

  • Twinkle Me Pretty

    Twinkle Me Pretty

    Freelance work for Twinkle Me Pretty. I administered the Web Front for the store. I developed custom plugins and extensions for the online store creating a very unique experience

    Over the course of the project, the webstore backend changed several times. From OpenCart to Lightspeed Store to Magento. At the end of the project, it stayed in Magento. I created a plugin that would take the inventory from the store and upload it on the site and vice versa.

    The plugin and theme were made using PHP on the backend, with standard HTML, CSS, JS (and Magento templating) on the front end.

    This was my longest lasting project and my first ever paid project. Started in 2010 and ending in 2015 (to be replaced by the Ashlund Jade site)

  • Ashlund Jade

    Ashlund Jade

    This is a site that I've been working on for a young girl who is an upcoming actress, singer, and dancer. She's worked on several films and TV shows. Represented by The Osbrink Agency, CTG Agency (dance) & Reload Management

    The site is powered by a simple WordPress installation on a DigitalOcean droplet using Layers-WP as the page builder.

  • Green Avenue Electric

    Green Avenue Electric

    This is a site that I've been working on for a company that specializes in EVSE installations for Electric Vehicles. Billy Klemetson will install a certified EVSE Super Charger in almost any location (where available). He is also a certified Tesla Partner in Utah.

    The site is powered by a simple WordPress installation on a DigitalOcean droplet using Layers-WP as the page builder.

  • Sharp Crush

    SharpCrush Library

    A library I made in C# to interact with the MediaCrush website. It is was being utilized in the official desktop application.

    MediaCrush has been shutdown due to various reasons (mainly money). However, the source code, for both SharpCrush and MediaCrush, still remains available.